Odyssey 9000 is a unity gain pre-amp and its main function is to line drive or/and split guitar or bass signals for multi-channel recordings and live PA’s as well as a pedal board’s pre-amp unit, where true uncolored instrument’s tone is needed. Odyssey9000                                                                                                                                                       Price  179 €

It contains one main Input and two outputs. One out is the main/Amp out and it’s driven by A-class unity gain pre-amp. Additional out is called DI-Tuner out, also driven by A-class circuitry, and it has been isolated from the Amp out via additional isolation components served to secure the Amp output from interfering signals generated by the tuner, or/and any other similar units that is driven by DI-Tuner out.

DI-Tuner out may be connected into DI box unit and then fed to the mixing desk via DI box unit. In this way you preserve your original instrument character and dynamics, which is not the case by just plugging your guitar or bass directly into DI box. The other side of the Odyssey 9000 is to act like the main input pre-amp for your pedal board, preserving original instruments character and dynamics and then distribute it to various effects pedals via main/Amp out. In this case, depending on your needs, DI-Tuner out can be connected to a tuner, DI box or both, keeping it isolated from your main signal.

Odyssey 9000 works on 9v-DC, with center pin negative (-), up to 18v-DC for bigger headroom. Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.

Additional uses of Odyssey 9000 & Hal 9000:

  Guitar ⇒ Hal 9000’s input, Hal 9000’s Aux (Tuner) out ⇒ mixing desk via ground lifted DI box unit for pre-effects direct feed, Hal 9000’s Amp out ⇒ Odyssey 9000’s Main input,Odyssey 9000’s DI (Tuner) out ⇒ mixing desk via ground lifted DI box unit for post-effects direct feed, Odyssey 9000’s Amp out ⇒ amplifier. In this way you can record or PA your guitar tones by both, pre-effects and post-effects direct feeds, plus amplifier channel/channels via microphone/microphones, without any tonal coloration or changing original instrument tone, character and dynamics.

Additional uses of Odyssey 9000 & A/B 9000:

After both of the Odyssey 9000’s outputs, especially after the Amp out, A/B 9000 can be very successfully used for changing signal paths or switching amplifiers.