Hal 9000 is a switching/looping unit for multiple uses, especially where true professional uncolored instrument’s tone is needed. Its main purpose is to act like a brain for your pedal board by switching in and out various effects pedals/units without any signal losing or changing the original instrument’s character and dynamics. It makes all of your pedals works perfectly together, both live and in studio. Whether is that your favorite self made pedal or any other type of pedals from different manufacturers, Hal 9000 blends all that together to work properly with each other. That’s the key of the professional sounding system.Hal9000a

 Hal 9000 provides low impedance looping/switching system which is internally free of ground loops. That means that it sends stable, ground loop free low impedance output via SEND/ to one of your effect pedals, and takes it back via high impedance RETURN/ to the main signal. This is how you insert or “call” various effects into the signal chain via Hal 9000‘s switches, and when they are thrown out /off of the signal chain by the same switches, it makes them like they are even not there. That way your amplifier couldn’t be happier.Hal9000b                                                                                        *Price depends on order, contact us for price*

Hal 9000 is designed with the A class pre-amp that has the same characteristics as the tube amplifier input. That is how your amplifier “thinks” that you are plugged directly in. Then, the signal is distributed to all Its sends and returns by various buffered feeds. It also contains cleverly designed switchable Input Gain circuit, which is capable to provide amplification of 26db without any tonal coloration. Main purpose of the Input Gain is to match db levels of various guitars with different pickup outputs. Also, the Input Gain can be used for boosting your guitar into a higher db level to provide more headroom if it needs, which is a good thing in many situations especially with weak guitar pickups.Hal9000c Hal 9000 has two outputs. One is the main/Amp output, and second is an auxiliary output that is always active and sends separate, uneffected/clean low impedance ground loop free signal to feed a Tuner, or to send it to the mixing desk via DI box unit. At the end of the signal chain there is the Mute switch that, when it’s active, shuts down only main/Amp output. Mute switch is perfect in many situations, especially when it comes changing different guitars on live gigs or being totally quiet between songs. If there’s need for using a volume pedal, it should be used somewhere in Hal 9000‘s loops, and may be additionally tuned with Input Gain circuit due to its design to keep the original sound the same.

For safety reasons DC Input jack only stands for 9v-DC, with center pin negative (-)but Hal 9000 can work on 12v-DC as well as 18v-DC or 24v-DC for the biggest headroom. Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.

Additional uses of Hal 9000 & Odyssey 9000:

Guitar  Hal 9000’s input, Hal 9000’s Aux (Tuner) out ⇒ mixing desk via ground lifted DI box unit for pre-effects direct feed, Hal 9000’s Amp out ⇒ Odyssey 9000’s Main input, Odyssey 9000’s DI (Tuner) out ⇒ mixing desk via ground lifted DI box unit for post-effects direct feed, Odyssey 9000’s Amp out ⇒ amplifier. In this way you can record or PA your guitar tones by both, pre-effects and post-effects direct feeds, plus amplifier channel/channels via microphone/microphones, without any tonal coloration or changing original instrument tone, character and dynamics.

Additional uses of Hal 9000 & A/B 9000:

In any of the Hal 9000’s loops or/and after the Amp out, A/B 9000 can be very successfully used for changing signal paths or switching amplifiers.

Depend on order, Hal 9000 can be made with different numbers of  SEND⇑/RETURN⇓ switches or/and with added an switchable input for another instrument. Also, Hal 9000 can be made with variable send and return gains (+30db -10db/ +10db -30db) on each loop to ensure the best results if various studio rack effects is used.