Everdrive is punchy, smooth, very dynamic and very precise overdrive pedal. It transfers all of your guitar details into the audience ears.Everdrive                                                                                                      *Please contact us for price*

 Played with Fender Telecaster, bridge pickup – Fender Princeton Amp

 – Played with Fender Telecaster, neck pickup – Fender Princeton Amp

         Signal flow: guitar – pedal – amp. No compression. Sennheiser e906 microphone.

Gain varies from clean or low gain tones up to the perfectly singing and sustained overdrive sounds. You’ll be amazed by its tubey feel and dynamics. It is great for punchy funk riffs, various pop or gospel lines, cutting blues leads and vintage rock riffs. Everdrive quickly finds its place in your everyday equipment. It is also made with built-in custom pre-amp, making your signal fully transparent with no losses at all, as the original straight to the amp tone is. Everdrive may be the number one overdrive pedal in your property.

Everdrive works on 9v-DC only, with center pin negative (-). Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.