Crunchy is an amazingly dynamic and responsive distortion pedal which produces true amp-like sounds in a way that you have never heard before.         Crunchy                                                                                          *Please contact us for price*

 Played with Gibson Firebird, bridge pickup – Fender Princeton Amp 

           Signal flow: guitar – pedal – amp. No compression. Sennheiser e906 microphone.

It is great to be used for legendary rock riffs with a touch of the 21st century in it and of course for solos with a fancy sustain and headroom. Crunchy can produce great amount of gain as well as the output level, bringing on the table every single detail that you play. Works on all types of pickups. Its Tone control is very effective part of the tone shaping, going from smooth but precise, up to the brightest cutting crunch distortion tones. It is an extremely useful pedal. As all of our pedals, Crunchy is made with built-in custom pre-amp, making your signal fully transparent with no losses at all, as the original straight to the amp tone is. Everyone who ever played Crunchy will never look back. This may be the number one crunch distortion pedal in your property.

Crunchy works on 9v-DC only, with center pin negative (-). Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.