From blues and psychedelia, through Stones-like riffs, up to heavy playing or modern fuzz sounds, it is all in there.InspiredInspired. is the pedal that gives you a lot of pleasantness while you’re playing and connects you with your instrument. This makes it possible by technically modern design which is driven to perfection and where all great guitar sounds are placed into one pedal. Inspired. has many shades and the whole range of distorted sounds, from clean to big distortions, which is very controllable and playable. 3D sound is present in every pedal setting. Its dynamics and touch sensitivity is by now a real innovation. Even on the highest gains you can produce clean sound with gentle picking, without rolling off your guitar volume pot. Therefore it’s ideal for recording at any amp volume levels live and in studio. On Inspired. everybody sounds unique. It is one of the most dynamic overdrive distortion pedals ever and it successfully strives to be the number one all-round pedal in your property.

Inspired. works on 9v-DC only, with center pin negative (-). Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.