Lead contains huge amount of headroom and distortion, a lot of low end that shake your trouser legs, going from ballsy distortion riff tones, to amazing searing leads that no one forgets. This pedal lets you to lay back against the sound.Lead

                                                                                 *Please contact us for price*

 – Played with Gibson Les Paul, neck pickup – Fender Princeton Amp

         Signal flow: guitar – pedal – amp. No compression. Sennheiser e906 microphone.

In any Gain pot position, clarity and fast effective picking response is always present. The single tones has an excellent bottom end support due to its cleverly designed frequency range. Using single coils, humbuckers or any other type of pickups, your guitar sounds produced by Lead will leave the audience without breath. Created with built-in custom pre-amp, it makes your signal fully transparent with no losses at all, as the original straight to the amp tone is. It is also fantastic in a recording studios and has huge effect of loudness, even at the low amp levels, due to its great headroom. The Level control provides tremendous volume, satisfying the highest output pickups if it’s used. This pedal is ready to rock on a biggest venues.

Lead works on 9v-DC only, with center pin negative (-). Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.