If you want a fuzz pedal going from the earliest vintage recordings to today’s fattest modern fuzz tones, Fuzzy is just perfect for you. Fuzzy

                                   *Please contact us for price*

Fuzzy‘s main goal is that you can play more transparent low gain fuzz and more saturated high gains than ever before. Besides all of that, Fuzzy never losses its personal character. Also it can go to the totally clean, previously equilized sound, making various weird recording tones and very controllable and dynamic fuzz tones. It is all up to you. Fuzzy‘s EQ control provides tone shaping from bright sharp bass-cut tones up to big fat fuzz that shake your pants. Combining Gain, EQ and Level, every fuzz sound is available in front of your feet. This is the fuzz of the 21st century. Designed to work with all types of pickups, Fuzzy slips into the feedback very easily. As all of our pedals, Fuzzy is also made with built-in custom pre-amp, making your signal fully transparent with no losses at all. Therefore, your fuzz experience is more fun and reliable then ever before.

Fuzzy works on 9v-DC only, with center pin negative (-). Please use good DC adaptor, with isolated hum free outputs if it’s possible.