Gavrilo Custom Effects pedals Crunchy, Everdrive, Boost, Lead, Fuzzy and Inspired. are all made by hand using our custom alloy enclosures for greater technical solutions, stiffness and lighter weight. We use only the best available components for maximum sound qualities. Each pedal is completely hand soldered and carefully designed for its purpose and works with every amp and guitar available today. They are the lightest weight pedals on the market with clever designed ergonomy (120x70x38mm) which is pedal board/gig bag friendly.Pedals

All of our pedals are designed with great attention for truly unique tone colors and with various built-in custom pre-amps, which preserve original instruments character and tone in both bypass and effect mode. They have great response, punch and dynamics and no signal losses, especially when you use them together with our custom cables.”

The benefits of Gavrilo Custom Effects pedals is highly reflected in musicians’ freedom to create and perform music and project their personality in it, weather that be studio work or live work.