Gavrilo Nikolic, the creator of the Gavrilo Custom Effects, has been actively researching and producing  electric guitar tones and equipment connections since 2004. In his career, besides our today’s products, he customized a lot of guitars, amps and studio gear and therefore he is familiar with many types of musical instruments and equipment. Classically guitar trained and educated, as well as the modern electric  guitar player and composer, he has been involved in the art of music since his early age. As a result of this, our products are made with a vision and with great electronic knowledge for a maximum technical quality which is a very important part of our company. Together with his musical experience, our products are truly unique and delivers huge palette of modern and vintage tones.

Gavrilo Custom Effects is the team of the two partners, Gavrilo and Tanya, and their work is intersecting at a lot of fields but it’s also divided on the two main parts, one being the audio part and the other the visual arts & organisational part. That division of labor is resulting in completely custom oriented company which delivers true craftsmanship and guarantees remarkable custom made quality of our products.